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The world of publishing is becoming more and more complex every day. The days of paper-only output are long gone. Delivering pages is no longer good enough. Publishers – in a need to control cost – are looking for one-stop solutions. At the same time, customers demand faster turnaround times. This confronts publishing and services companies with new challenges that require a quick solution.


Automation is key in finding the answer to these new and complex equations. Automation can control complex work flows and result in a quicker and more stable production environment. Automation removes the risk of operator error. Many have learned from experience that a missed step can at best consume valuable hours and at worst create frightening amounts of scrap data.

Yet, finding the right resources for automating your pubishing environment is generally a problem. Outside resources are either vendor dependent or knowledgeable in only the publication side or the programming side. And usually there is no time to train your staff to acquire the necessary new skills.

We as an independent company can help you.

XP2: your instant relief

XP2 is specializing in automating publishing environments. XML, XSLT, PDF, WebServices, Composition and the like are our daily playing ground. XP2 has extensive experience in all of those fields. Over the years, XP2 has assembled an impressive list of references.

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